What is: The Angler Exploit Kit

The Angler exploit kit is a pre-packaged toolkit sold on the dark web that criminals use to distribute malware. With an exploit kit, would-be attackers no »

MIT launches experimental $10,000 bug bounty programme for students

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology hopes to up its online security and "foster a community for students to research research and test the limits of cyber »

How to: enable IPv6 routing on a Cisco router

Before you can get started with OSPFv3 (Open Shortest Path First), the IPv6 router must be configured to forward traffic. This is done with the ipv6 »

Prankster bypasses Steam's quality control to release game where you watch paint dry

On Sunday an odd title appeared on Steam: 'Watch Paint Dry', the game where you, well, watch paint dry. Unlike other joke games about goats and »

Hospitals hit by 'Locky' ransomware

The Methodist Hospital in Henderson, Kentucky, had to declare an internal state of emergency on Tuesday after the ransomeware 'Locky' got onto its network through an »

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Uber launches $10,000 bug bounty program

Uber just launched a bug bountry program that will pay up to $10,000 for critical vulnerabilities that could affect their users. They are mainly interested »

Paris terrorists used burner phones to evade detection

The three teams behind November’s terror attacks in Paris relied on prepaid burner phones to dodge unwanted attention from the intelligence agencies. "They used »

Subgraph - a featherweight OS for non-technical users

The Debian-based Subgraph OS, first released in 2015, is a featherweight open-source solution that comes with all the security and privacy options pre-configured. Key features: Full »

How to: set Message Of The Day (MOTD) on a Cisco router

In Global Configuraton Mode, type: banner motd the #message of the day# The first character after motd becomes the delimiter, which we use to set the »